Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick hits.....

OK I was 3-1 yesterday on my picks. Shocked at Howell score but good for Coach Storm.

Can we stop the talk about the hand checks and all the fouls and ruining the game in college basketball. There have been some great games this year. Seems like more than in the past so the rule changes have worked.


I have been to 2 high schools game live this year and it was called remarkably different in the 2 games. The first game was called tight seemingly by the new rules and by half time both teams adjusted. The second game was a bloodbath and now sure what was being looked at.

As I am talking about refereeing, can we stop with all the charge calls? If you fall down you get the call every time. It is almost comical. But it gives the referees a chance to run from under the basket and be seen and put on a show.

Christmas tourneys will be starting and the one I want to go is in Centralia, Illinois. It is the best one within an hour of downtown St. Louis. Great tradition and atmosphere plus I get to see the record books of that 1985 Cahokia Comanche team.

Another tourney with a great field is MICDS.  Duchesne, Ladue, SLUH, St. Charles, Parkway Central and Parkway South are all in this. Plus Robinson from St. Mary’s and Thompson from MICDS, both going D-1 are in this also.


I will have my predictions on all the Christmas Tourneys next week. 


Have a great Friday. 

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