Thursday, December 19, 2013

Defending specific actions

Here is how you can defend specifice actions.

Specific Actions
The following 4 frames are an example of a specific offensive actions to defend. The key is to select the movements that your opponents use in their offensive schemes. Defending the specific cuts and screens that your toughest opponents run throughout your entire season of practices is more effective than only working on those movements the night before you play.

Having the offense run specific sequences helps to make your 3 on 3 drills more gamelike and less like a summer 3 on 3 tournament.

Come up with your own list of what you need to defend for the teams on your schedule and work on defending them with your defensive rules. The following four frames are a place to start.


Flex action: back screen, down screen. Down screen, cross screen. 1 down screens first, then screens for 3.


Princeton Action: Backscreen / flare screen Princeton Action: Flare screen

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