Wednesday, December 25, 2013

more OKC

The line for the 4th quarter is OKC-12.

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Amare Stoudamare playing a homeless man in the  next SVU episode? 

I love Hubie Brown on NBA games.  As much as I think I know I always learn something.  I love the concept of 2 passes out of a trap.  Something all teams at any level can use.

You see the good teams talk defense when they come off the floor.  Always talking about rotations and match ups.

I have seen more Kevin Hart and than Knick stops? 


more NBA

The Knicks are playing hard but God's sake try and get a stop.

The refs will get a call from the league office at the half and be told do what you can to keep the game close.

That call is the first. 


Young guards watch how Westbrook comes off a screen.  His head is up and very patient, no wasted dribbles.

OKC playing now like a game in the park.  Having fun, throwing no look passes and left hand cross court passes and even letting Derek Fischer shoot.

The Knicks have Melo, World Peace and Felton not playing, yikes! 


That shot by Lamb got him a seat. 

Martin and Stoudamire as your bigs, is it 2008? 

Ok, so Jame Harden does his own banking and it looked he had 148.00 dollars in that account. 

There have been more movie commercials than stops by the Knicks. 

Look for OKC to try and bury the Knicks right before the half. 

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Durant just abused Martin on that 3.  If he plays he will have 50 today. 

Can the Nets trade for Stoudamire?  Then they will be epically slow! 

The Knicks are playing hard, but with JR Smith as your floor leader things are not good. 

NBA Christmas Blog

The Nets are horrific. Jason Kidd is bad and they are old by old terms. 

The Knicks have made 6 great plays already. The problem is they are already down 6 at the quarter.  Plus they might give up 120 today.  Perkins has 4 in a quarter.  Can you say Christmas miracle?