Wednesday, December 25, 2013

more OKC

The line for the 4th quarter is OKC-12.

more NBA

Amare Stoudamare playing a homeless man in the  next SVU episode? 

I love Hubie Brown on NBA games.  As much as I think I know I always learn something.  I love the concept of 2 passes out of a trap.  Something all teams at any level can use.

You see the good teams talk defense when they come off the floor.  Always talking about rotations and match ups.

I have seen more Kevin Hart and than Knick stops? 


more NBA

The Knicks are playing hard but God's sake try and get a stop.

The refs will get a call from the league office at the half and be told do what you can to keep the game close.

That call is the first. 


Young guards watch how Westbrook comes off a screen.  His head is up and very patient, no wasted dribbles.

OKC playing now like a game in the park.  Having fun, throwing no look passes and left hand cross court passes and even letting Derek Fischer shoot.

The Knicks have Melo, World Peace and Felton not playing, yikes! 


That shot by Lamb got him a seat. 

Martin and Stoudamire as your bigs, is it 2008? 

Ok, so Jame Harden does his own banking and it looked he had 148.00 dollars in that account. 

There have been more movie commercials than stops by the Knicks. 

Look for OKC to try and bury the Knicks right before the half. 

more NBA

Durant just abused Martin on that 3.  If he plays he will have 50 today. 

Can the Nets trade for Stoudamire?  Then they will be epically slow! 

The Knicks are playing hard, but with JR Smith as your floor leader things are not good. 

NBA Christmas Blog

The Nets are horrific. Jason Kidd is bad and they are old by old terms. 

The Knicks have made 6 great plays already. The problem is they are already down 6 at the quarter.  Plus they might give up 120 today.  Perkins has 4 in a quarter.  Can you say Christmas miracle? 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick hits.....

OK I was 3-1 yesterday on my picks. Shocked at Howell score but good for Coach Storm.

Can we stop the talk about the hand checks and all the fouls and ruining the game in college basketball. There have been some great games this year. Seems like more than in the past so the rule changes have worked.


I have been to 2 high schools game live this year and it was called remarkably different in the 2 games. The first game was called tight seemingly by the new rules and by half time both teams adjusted. The second game was a bloodbath and now sure what was being looked at.

As I am talking about refereeing, can we stop with all the charge calls? If you fall down you get the call every time. It is almost comical. But it gives the referees a chance to run from under the basket and be seen and put on a show.

Christmas tourneys will be starting and the one I want to go is in Centralia, Illinois. It is the best one within an hour of downtown St. Louis. Great tradition and atmosphere plus I get to see the record books of that 1985 Cahokia Comanche team.

Another tourney with a great field is MICDS.  Duchesne, Ladue, SLUH, St. Charles, Parkway Central and Parkway South are all in this. Plus Robinson from St. Mary’s and Thompson from MICDS, both going D-1 are in this also.


I will have my predictions on all the Christmas Tourneys next week. 


Have a great Friday. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My thoughts on the early hoops season

Here are my random thoughts on the hoop season...

or me stealing quotes from other people, movies, or I heard it somewhere!

They are who we thought they were........

Jayson Tatum- Killed people at Pattonville. Here at his stats: 29, 9 5, 4.  I think he is as good as people say.  Funny how last year at this time people talk he was over rated.

IWA- The go to Quincy Notre Dame, who had a 51 game win streak and win by 20.  They had a tough game vs. MICDS.  I assume Coach Rolfes will use this as great motivation in practice. 

Glotta, Teeson, Whitfield make the best group of guards in 1 conference in St. Louis.  All are scoring 20+ points a game.  

Are you not entertained?

The Vianney tournament was as strong as ever.  Ladue and the "Fighting Kevin Walsh's"  played 2 overtimes.  The final was a top 10 battle between Ladue and Hazelwood Central.  I think Central has been in the final for the last 32 years.

The Parkway tournamenrt was a bloodbath.   North beats West, but loses to South.  West beats South and then loses to Central. There is a quiz over this later.

The Troy tournament had a great championship between Hickman and Fort Zumwalt South.  Hickman won in a thriller!

So what does Zumwalt South go beat a good Kirkwood team in the finals of the St.Charles Tourney.

CBC beats Chaminade in a battle of who is the best recruit in St. Louis.  Am I talking about the schools or Barnett vs. Tatum?

No sleep till:

Speaking of Kirkwood don't sleep on the Pioneers.  My question is can you ever play a home game before Christmas?

Guys with the heat check on!

Josh Robinson- St. Mary's
Deion Lavender- Alton Marquette
Tre Curry- Howell Central

Team of the Week!

The Lafayette Lancers:  Won the Webster Tournament by beating Webster in the finals.

There is no gambling at Bushwoods sir!

But I am going to predict the Suburban/GAC shootout!

Summit vs Francis Howell North- Howell North, what a differrence a few transfer make.

Francis Howell vs University City- It is all about THE U
Francis Howell Central vs Marquette- The Stangs 
Eureka vs O'Fallon Christian- Eureka, I never bet against the smartest person I know in Professor Kennedy

Sullivan vs Seckman- The Jaguars of Seckman.  When did Sullivan get in the GAC?
St. Dominic vs Lindbergh, Lindbergh, They might wear all 5 of their fancy uniforms in the game!

Washington vs Kirkwood, The WOOD!  They play more games in St. Charles County than at home!

St. Charles vs Webster Groves- My gut says Coach Blossom killed them this week in practice. I don't mean worked them hard, I mean he may have literally killed 1 or 2 of them. Take Webster
Warrenton vs Northwest Cedar Hill- game is played at 9am Saturday. My pick is Starbucks!
Fort Zumwalt East vs Fox- Warriors are 3-0 in this event.  They go to 4-0.
Winfield vs Mehlville- The Panters of Mehlville.  I have no idea where Winfield is.  I first thought it said Whitfield!
Holt vs Parkway West- West use to have fan shaped backboards.  My high school had fan shaped backboards. I pick West.
Fort Zumwalt West vs Parkway North In a battle of directional schools I pick North.  It is winter time and Santa lives North.

Timberland vs Parkway South I always take a guy in a sweater vest let alone an entire staff in a sweater vest. South wins big! 

St. Charles West vs Parkway Central- In an Olivia Newton John game, "Let's get physical physical" I pick Central.

Troy Buchanan vs Lafayette The Lancers big. 

Fort Zumwalt South vs Oakville South is really good.  South is on a roll.  South wins a close one!

Defending specific actions

Here is how you can defend specifice actions.

Specific Actions
The following 4 frames are an example of a specific offensive actions to defend. The key is to select the movements that your opponents use in their offensive schemes. Defending the specific cuts and screens that your toughest opponents run throughout your entire season of practices is more effective than only working on those movements the night before you play.

Having the offense run specific sequences helps to make your 3 on 3 drills more gamelike and less like a summer 3 on 3 tournament.

Come up with your own list of what you need to defend for the teams on your schedule and work on defending them with your defensive rules. The following four frames are a place to start.


Flex action: back screen, down screen. Down screen, cross screen. 1 down screens first, then screens for 3.


Princeton Action: Backscreen / flare screen Princeton Action: Flare screen

Rebounding Drills

Here are some rebounding drills that will help your team imporove if your getting hurt on the boards.


Drill starts with 3 defenders in a line under basket, and coach has a ball.

Coach can pass to any player.

Top man in line must find ball and close out under control with 2 high hands.


x2 and x3 must communicate and find other players.

Off ball defenders must be in help, denial, or gap positions.

After the 1st stop, top man goes to back of line, and the team must get 3 stops to get out of the drill.

Drilling the habit for players not taking the basketball to close out to their gap or denial positions (depending on your style of defense) when rotating out of a trap or a help and recover is an essential defensive fundamental skill. It is not a skill that players pick up on their own without developing the habit through repetition in the defensive fundamentals portion of practice.

3 Player Team Rebounding


3 teams of 3.

Rules: every defensive rebound = 1 point, offensive rebound go to defense.

Defense must start with 1 foot in the paint, and each defensive player must touch offense.


Team must secure rebound the ball inbounds.

1st team to get 3 defensive rebounds wins.



Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shooting Drills

Great shooting Drill from the University of Washington

2 Ball Shooting Drill

Two shooters, one ball. We set score at 20 or 30 or 50 or…

The shooters alternate shots getting their own rebounds and passing to

We say that each catch must be beyond the arc. The shooter can shoot the 3, drive 1 dribble for 15-17 foot for 2 points, or drive to basket for a 1 point lay-up.

Winning team gets to stay together until someone knocks them off. If a team loses, they split up into new teams.

For a variaton you can add a third shooter and a second basketball.

You can play to different scores.

Or, you can play for a certain amount of time.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Florida Gator perimeter shooting drills

Here are 3 shooting drills that I found that Billy Donovan uses to improve his perimeter players.

These use 2 chairs and a coach.  This can be run as an individual or a team drill.

Friday, November 15, 2013

New Sideline OB play

This is great side line play if you have the lead and the team has to try and steal the ball.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My thoughts on the Kentucky and Michigan State game!

Kentucky is extremely talented but they are so young that they will struggle at times especially at the guard spots.  Their youth was especially evident on the little things like transition defense and guarding the pick and roll.  I thought the Harrison twins were not very good and their body language was horrible at times. 

Kentucky ran a ton of dribble drive in the first half and really struggled to get looks.  It was interesting that in the 2nd half they basically went to a back screen to get Randle a look on the block from a pass from the wing. They played through him the last 10 minutes of the game.

On Randle,  he is a man. He was devastating attacking on the block from either side but really tough when he can turn right shoulder towards the middle.  He will learn against good defense he can't pound the ball and stop the action. If he develops a Sikma post move from 10-15 feet watch out. 

Michigan State is Michigan State with 1 exception.  They are excellent on the defensive end and will execute on offense in the half court.  The big difference is how fast and how often they run and attack the basket.  Harris just made himself some money after that performance.  I can see them struggling to rebound when Payne is not in the game. 

Both teams will make the Final Four!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Great drill from Xavier

Great drill to work on individual moves.  You can do this with finishing at the rim and pull up jumpers.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My 20 Predictions for the Upcoming College Basketball Season

My 20 Predictions for the 2013-2014 College basketball Season

20. The USC vs. UCLA game will have both teams score 85+ points.  The Dunk City vs. Alford’s boys.
19. Northwestern will not make the NCAA tourney, but there will be enough buzz and 1 big upset to get them 2 big recruits in the next year.
18. Dick Vitale will say linguini, rigatoni, and spaghetti when describing Rick Pitino and John Calipari. 

17. SLU will not make the NCAA tournament.  A10 is just average and so is SLU.

16. Fred Hoiberg will leave Iowa State and for the Minnesota T-Wolves job at the end of the season.

15.  Mizzou will make the NCAA tournament and get 2 more transfers to TRANSFER U!

14.  VCU and Wichita State will both be in the top 10 sometime this year.
13.  The Fighting Illini will make the  NCAA tourney and actual make it to the Sweet 16.  (I can only hope)

12.   Rick Barnes will be fired at Texas.  Calling Buzz Williams, Calling Buzz Williams!
11.   Kansas will win the Big 12 for the 50th straight year.  At least it seems that way!

10.   SLU will get picked for the new Big East.   You better start recruiting.
  9.   We will get about 3 million articles on this year’s draft class.  It will be compared to every draft class since 1970.  It will also show how bad this year’s class was.

  8.   At least 1 guy that everyone thought was coming out won’t.  Which leads everyone to use the phrase “College experience”.
  7.   The new rules will make the college game better. With scoring going up, Jay Bilas will have the “see I told you so face” on for the entire season.
 6.   A big game will be decided on a foul not being called like it was called earlier in the game and Jay Bilas’s head will explode.

  5.   Aaron Gordon of Arizona will have at least 4 plays that will make everyone go wow.  
  4.   The Final Four will be Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, and Arizona.

  3.   There will be zero chance Marshall Henderson doesn’t get in trouble again. This is too bad because I like the swagger he brings to a down program.
  2.   Kentucky will make the NCAA tourney final.

  1.   Kentucky will lose the final to Michigan State. Izzo puts his name up there with the best with winning 2 championships.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Witchita State Double Team Drill

This is a great ball handling drill to help your players dealing with a double team and passing out of it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

11 Championship Killers

Here are 11 Championship Killers:
1.Entitlement: Players don’t feel they need to earn a championship. They think it will happen automatically based on tradition or last year’s success.
2.Arrogance: Similar to entitlement, players don’t think losing is even possible. They lack respect for their opponent and for the game itself.
3.Selfishness: Players think ‘me’ and not ‘we.’ They are more concerned with individual stats than with winning.
4.Complacency: Players think ‘good enough’ is good enough. It isn’t.
5.Lack of Confidence: Too much confidence (see #2) is a major problem. But so is a lack of confidence. You have to believe you can win it all.
6.Lack of Effort: This one better be obvious.
7.Lack of Trust: Players need to trust coaches. Coaches need to trust players. Lack of trust on either side will create dysfunction and dissention and cause the entire ball of yarn to unwind.
8.Lack of Conditioning: It is a long season. If players run out of gas mid-way through, they can’t finish the race!
9.Lack of Commitment: Winning a championship requires commitment on and off the court. Staying up late on your computer the night before a game or getting in academic trouble shows a severe lack of commitment.
10.Lack of Leadership: Coaches can’t be the only leaders on the team. Period.
11.Lack of Role Acceptance: Basketball is a team game. Every player on the team, from the leading scorer to the last player on the bench, has a specific role. To win a championship, every player on the team must know, accept and take pride in their role.

Quote of the day!

If you always do what you've always done, you will always be where you've always been!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Ways to Improve High School Basktball

10 ways to improve HS basketball

Ways to bring back some excitement and create a higher level of play.  The way the game is going is getting hard to watch.   Let’s make the game more enjoyable for the fans and the players.  Attendance is going down everywhere.  Students aren’t coming out to watch games. Let’s get some fun back into the game.  Some of these you may think are crazy and out of the box but I want to get people to start thinking how to improve the game.

Let’s go in reverse order.

10.   HS coaches watch and learn from the NBA and less from college.  Talent is closer to the same in pros than in college.  Run more sets than college.  The defense is more like high school because of the talent is closer.  Plus the pros  do a ton of skill work drills and concepts that make players better.  Their use of stats and charts is also very impressive and can help at the high school level.

9.       On a timeout move the ball from under the basket to the half line as they do in the NBA.  Nothing is better and more exciting than a buzzer beater. 

8.  Go back to the jump ball on all tie ups. This will add a little excitement back into the game and a little strategy.

 7. Time outs called only on dead ball or after a basket. Stops the timeout to halt a jump ball when  the defense makes someone pick it up.  Make players learn how to play.

6.  Play games only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Stop the Monday and Thursday  games.  Play games at 7 or 7:30. The new thing to start a varsity game at 6:00 to help kids come to the game so they can get home to study is false.  I hate to break this to administration but kids are not staying away from games because they have a test the next day. Tournament games may need to be played on Mondays but let’s try to do away with that. 

5.  Tougher review of referees. Well this will be a little controversial but refereeing is not getting better.  The whole rating system should be thrown out the window.  Most coaches give a 3 to everyone because they are afraid if they down grade someone it will get held against them.  My solution is to have ex-coaches rate officials and have them rated more than once.  And if they are not doing a good job then they don’t get varsity games. 

4.  Take the number of classes down!  I grew up in the great state of Illinois where basketball is really played. (That should get people fired up.)  The 2 class system worked great and it was easy to follow.  The state has now gone to 4 classes and I can’t tell who is in what class. The less classes brings some great matchups into play and gets more of a true champion.  If we take it down to 4 classes we can have all classes play on Friday and Saturday at the state tournament. While I am on this,  why do this Thursday – Saturday format MSHAA?  Does it really promote the game?  I also propose have a girls weekend and a boys weekend. 

3.  Coaches involved with kids more not less.  Year round and 8th graders.  The rule states  that high school staffs cannot work with 8th graders.  It is one of the dumbest rules of many dumb rules the state has.  So I can work with 7th graders in my district but once they are 8th graders I have to stop until school is out.  Wow makes no sense.  That 8th grade year is the year that propels a player to one of his greatest growths as a player.  Working with the high school staff prepares the player for high school.  They get high level coaching that will improve play overall. And don’t give me that recruiting garbage, it is like a beagle chasing a rabbit with all the recruiting that is going on in the state now.

 2.  Less charges more hand checks.   Coaches are teaching players to just jump in and fall down and you will get the call. Referees love to come running out from under the basket and make that dramatic charge call. (Also I love the tough guy face some refs do when they make a call. Laughable!)  All of this is taking away the ability for kids to finishing at the basket and more importantly will get people hurt.

Now on to hand checks and the way is getting played.  The grabbing and bumping of the offensive players is a disgrace.  It takes away from the skill of the game.  I know for a fact that coaches say “they won’t call everything”.  The rule is illegal contact when a defensive player uses his hand or arms to control a player.  2 hands on a player or jamming a forearm or hand on a player should be called a foul.  This is what the rule book says but referees refuse to call it. They say “no one wants us to call everything.” Well if you call it players will stop doing it and coaches will stop teaching it. The game is made to play with flow not grabbing.

And Number 1

 The Shot clock- This one for some reason seems to draw the most controversy but should be the one that everyone is behind.  High school basketball is the only organized basketball that doesn’t use a shot clock. College, pro and international basketball all use at the highest level.  The most popular reasons against it are cost, people running it, and the always popular it will stop the underdog from pulling the upset.  Let’s talk about cost.  I see all these football stadiums with turf but we can’t buy 2 clocks.  And for the smaller schools have a fund raiser.  The more states that use the shot clock the price will go down. People running the clock. I love when people say it is too hard for someone to do run during a game.  So you can teach my son but you are not smart enough to hit a button to start, stop, reset!   Now for the ever popular underdogs will never win.  My question is they do now?  I looked at last year’s state championship starting at the semi-finals. Of 20 schools guess how many had fewer than 20 wins. A grand total of 2.  So I went back and looked at the quarterfinal in each class and how many there were under 20 wins. A total of 5. (Mcluer North, Grandview, Scott County Central, Normandy, and Lutheran North) Normandy and Lutheran North went to final four.  Of those none are truly underdogs.  I guess there is never an upset in March Madness because they use a clock.  This underdog argument is a big lie.

Why do it? Let’s get some action into the game.  Holding the ball puts people asleep.  It doesn’t help the game move forward and it doesn’t help kids prepare for the college game.  If you think a game, 35-30 is fun to watch, you are delusional.  Anything that promotes scoring and tempo I want to see.  I will give you only do it for varsity games.  But let’s do something.







Play vs 2-3 zone

This is a Tom Izzo play.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MY NBA Preview or Suck for a Jayhawk!

My NBA preview or what we can call who is Sucking for a Jayhawk and who an beat the Heat.
I will rank the teams from 30-1 with a little sentence about each.
So here we go!
The Really Bad Teams!
30- Philadelphia- A true suck for a buck or in this case suck for a Jayhawk. Their coach just said they have only 5 NBA players on the roster and 1 won’t play till February (Nerlens Noel).
29- Suns- Out of sight out of mind.
28- Orlando- Anytime you draft a 2 guard and say he is going to try and play point that is a recipe for disaster.
27- Toronto- Just a team that will be bad. They some light at the end of the tunnel.
26- Charlotte call us Bobcats or Hornets- The whatever they are called this year do have some players. I had them ranked worse but the more I look at them the better they got. Kemba Walker had a good season. They spent money on Al Jefferson, who will be a 20/10 guy. I like the Zeller pick. Kidd Gilchrist can’t shoot a lick so does he make the jump and a jump shot and get better and make something besides a dunk. He does defend and is a team guy. They will be better but still in the lottery.
25- The Sacramento Boogie’s- This is Demarcus Cousins team. Enough said. Hopefully Ben Mclemore won’t be tarnished by this situation.
24-Boston- This team lost 2 best players and their coach. Hired a college guy that will do well and basically said we are going to be bad if we really bad the better.
23-Jazz- The best young team in the west. When I mean young, I mean with no star older than 24. Hayward is 24, Kantor is 21, Favors is 23. With Trey Burk and Alec Burks they have young swing guys. Too bad they have the first coach that will be fired this year. Jabari Parker is Mormon. Interesting to see if he comes out and if they try and trade up to get him?

Best chance for a fight to break out during a timeout.
22- Lakers- Steve Blake, Nic Young, Chris Kaman, Shawn Williams, Jodie Meeks. These are your LA Lakers. Do the trade Gasol? When does Kobe come back? Does Kobe punch Nic Young in the face? They could be really bad.
Team likely to move
21. Bucks- Just good enough to make the playoffs but never good enough to make a run. Look for the bucks to be rumored to move to Seattle
The teams that could be 6th through 8th seeds but chases are they won’t be.
20 & 19- Dallas & Hawks- 2 teams with stars (Dirk and Horford) but going nowhere.
The young teams that could make the playoffs
18 &17- Cleveland, Pelicans- Anthony Davis had a great preseason and they went all in on their draft day trade.
Now the playoff teams:
-16,15,14 Minnesota , Wizards, Portland- A full season of Kevin Love helps Minnesota back it. Beal has been killing in the preseason. Wall has a big contract and wants to be a top point guard. Otto Porter is off to a terrible start. The fans are already calling him a bust and after the summer league performance they may be right.
Portland is a 7 seed in the west.
13. Denver takes a big step. If a team falls out of the playoffs it could be them.
12. The NEW YORK KNICKS- All caps because they think they are that important. Melo is talking free agency already. He will score in bunches but they guard as well as a blind guard dog.
11. Pistons- They are exciting and will make the biggest improvement of anyone.
10. Grizzlies- The window is closing. I wonder if they try trade for a shooter because their failure to make s jump shot killed them in the playoffs last year.
9. Golden State- The opposite of the Grizzlies. They shoot better than anyone. Curry ready to have those games were you talk about it the next day.
Teams if things go right could win the title:
8. Houston- So does Dwight Howard workout? Does Harden keep getting better? How soon does Howard roll his eyes when Harden and Parsons shoot 3’s on 5 straight possessions and don’t pass it to him?
7. Brooklyn- 87 million over the cap and have a coach that has never coached before anywhere. Team is built for the playoffs if those old bones get there healthy. Not sold on the Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce working together.
6. Clippers- Well Doc rivers ran away from Boston and has his hand-picked team. Does Griffin turn into more KG or stay Shawn Kemp?
The Contenders:
5. Indy- The Legend is back running the team. The upgraded their bench .dramatically. Sciola better than Hansbrough. They got shooting with Copeland. And more importantly they are not scared of the Heat.
4. OKC- Westbrook is out 6 more weeks. This will cause Durant to have a wild year. With Westbrook out Durant will average 38 pts. for the first 6 weeks and be the leading candidate for MVP. Do they make a trade for someone?
3. Spurs- The last go round for these guys. They play the game at such a high level can they get to the finals 1 more time.
2. Bulls – He’s back! Derrick Rose is back and looks better than ever. They have the pieces that can give the champs trouble. Bigs, athletic 3’s and Derrick Rose.
The Champs
1.Heat- They have the best player in the game. They have a top 25 player ever in the “I ain’t done yet mode!” They have also will play 300+ games by this year finals

1. Kevin Durant
2. Derrick Rose
3. Lebron James

1. Bulls vs. Spurs
Rose vs. Parker. Thibs vs. Pops. Duncan goes off into the sunset a champion!

Arizona Pick Play.

This play is great to get the ball inside!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Shooting Drill

New shooting drill I found. This accomplishes a lot of things.

Repetition is not a form of punishment. Repetition is the oldest and most successful way to learn.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You can't tell how much a mule can pull until you load it up! Bear Bryant

Monday, October 21, 2013

What is it all about....

Well about will this blog be about? First this is my first experience writing a blog and doing anything in the use of this technology. It will be a lot about the best game in the world, BASKETBALL. It will be basketball at the high school, college and pro level. It will also from time to time talk about other sports. It will also have happenings in my life that concern sports and just living my life day to day. I hope you enjoy reading it and it makes you think.