Wednesday, December 25, 2013

more OKC

The line for the 4th quarter is OKC-12.

more NBA

Amare Stoudamare playing a homeless man in the  next SVU episode? 

I love Hubie Brown on NBA games.  As much as I think I know I always learn something.  I love the concept of 2 passes out of a trap.  Something all teams at any level can use.

You see the good teams talk defense when they come off the floor.  Always talking about rotations and match ups.

I have seen more Kevin Hart and than Knick stops? 


more NBA

The Knicks are playing hard but God's sake try and get a stop.

The refs will get a call from the league office at the half and be told do what you can to keep the game close.

That call is the first. 


Young guards watch how Westbrook comes off a screen.  His head is up and very patient, no wasted dribbles.

OKC playing now like a game in the park.  Having fun, throwing no look passes and left hand cross court passes and even letting Derek Fischer shoot.

The Knicks have Melo, World Peace and Felton not playing, yikes! 


That shot by Lamb got him a seat. 

Martin and Stoudamire as your bigs, is it 2008? 

Ok, so Jame Harden does his own banking and it looked he had 148.00 dollars in that account. 

There have been more movie commercials than stops by the Knicks. 

Look for OKC to try and bury the Knicks right before the half. 

more NBA

Durant just abused Martin on that 3.  If he plays he will have 50 today. 

Can the Nets trade for Stoudamire?  Then they will be epically slow! 

The Knicks are playing hard, but with JR Smith as your floor leader things are not good. 

NBA Christmas Blog

The Nets are horrific. Jason Kidd is bad and they are old by old terms. 

The Knicks have made 6 great plays already. The problem is they are already down 6 at the quarter.  Plus they might give up 120 today.  Perkins has 4 in a quarter.  Can you say Christmas miracle? 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick hits.....

OK I was 3-1 yesterday on my picks. Shocked at Howell score but good for Coach Storm.

Can we stop the talk about the hand checks and all the fouls and ruining the game in college basketball. There have been some great games this year. Seems like more than in the past so the rule changes have worked.


I have been to 2 high schools game live this year and it was called remarkably different in the 2 games. The first game was called tight seemingly by the new rules and by half time both teams adjusted. The second game was a bloodbath and now sure what was being looked at.

As I am talking about refereeing, can we stop with all the charge calls? If you fall down you get the call every time. It is almost comical. But it gives the referees a chance to run from under the basket and be seen and put on a show.

Christmas tourneys will be starting and the one I want to go is in Centralia, Illinois. It is the best one within an hour of downtown St. Louis. Great tradition and atmosphere plus I get to see the record books of that 1985 Cahokia Comanche team.

Another tourney with a great field is MICDS.  Duchesne, Ladue, SLUH, St. Charles, Parkway Central and Parkway South are all in this. Plus Robinson from St. Mary’s and Thompson from MICDS, both going D-1 are in this also.


I will have my predictions on all the Christmas Tourneys next week. 


Have a great Friday. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My thoughts on the early hoops season

Here are my random thoughts on the hoop season...

or me stealing quotes from other people, movies, or I heard it somewhere!

They are who we thought they were........

Jayson Tatum- Killed people at Pattonville. Here at his stats: 29, 9 5, 4.  I think he is as good as people say.  Funny how last year at this time people talk he was over rated.

IWA- The go to Quincy Notre Dame, who had a 51 game win streak and win by 20.  They had a tough game vs. MICDS.  I assume Coach Rolfes will use this as great motivation in practice. 

Glotta, Teeson, Whitfield make the best group of guards in 1 conference in St. Louis.  All are scoring 20+ points a game.  

Are you not entertained?

The Vianney tournament was as strong as ever.  Ladue and the "Fighting Kevin Walsh's"  played 2 overtimes.  The final was a top 10 battle between Ladue and Hazelwood Central.  I think Central has been in the final for the last 32 years.

The Parkway tournamenrt was a bloodbath.   North beats West, but loses to South.  West beats South and then loses to Central. There is a quiz over this later.

The Troy tournament had a great championship between Hickman and Fort Zumwalt South.  Hickman won in a thriller!

So what does Zumwalt South go beat a good Kirkwood team in the finals of the St.Charles Tourney.

CBC beats Chaminade in a battle of who is the best recruit in St. Louis.  Am I talking about the schools or Barnett vs. Tatum?

No sleep till:

Speaking of Kirkwood don't sleep on the Pioneers.  My question is can you ever play a home game before Christmas?

Guys with the heat check on!

Josh Robinson- St. Mary's
Deion Lavender- Alton Marquette
Tre Curry- Howell Central

Team of the Week!

The Lafayette Lancers:  Won the Webster Tournament by beating Webster in the finals.

There is no gambling at Bushwoods sir!

But I am going to predict the Suburban/GAC shootout!

Summit vs Francis Howell North- Howell North, what a differrence a few transfer make.

Francis Howell vs University City- It is all about THE U
Francis Howell Central vs Marquette- The Stangs 
Eureka vs O'Fallon Christian- Eureka, I never bet against the smartest person I know in Professor Kennedy

Sullivan vs Seckman- The Jaguars of Seckman.  When did Sullivan get in the GAC?
St. Dominic vs Lindbergh, Lindbergh, They might wear all 5 of their fancy uniforms in the game!

Washington vs Kirkwood, The WOOD!  They play more games in St. Charles County than at home!

St. Charles vs Webster Groves- My gut says Coach Blossom killed them this week in practice. I don't mean worked them hard, I mean he may have literally killed 1 or 2 of them. Take Webster
Warrenton vs Northwest Cedar Hill- game is played at 9am Saturday. My pick is Starbucks!
Fort Zumwalt East vs Fox- Warriors are 3-0 in this event.  They go to 4-0.
Winfield vs Mehlville- The Panters of Mehlville.  I have no idea where Winfield is.  I first thought it said Whitfield!
Holt vs Parkway West- West use to have fan shaped backboards.  My high school had fan shaped backboards. I pick West.
Fort Zumwalt West vs Parkway North In a battle of directional schools I pick North.  It is winter time and Santa lives North.

Timberland vs Parkway South I always take a guy in a sweater vest let alone an entire staff in a sweater vest. South wins big! 

St. Charles West vs Parkway Central- In an Olivia Newton John game, "Let's get physical physical" I pick Central.

Troy Buchanan vs Lafayette The Lancers big. 

Fort Zumwalt South vs Oakville South is really good.  South is on a roll.  South wins a close one!

Defending specific actions

Here is how you can defend specifice actions.

Specific Actions
The following 4 frames are an example of a specific offensive actions to defend. The key is to select the movements that your opponents use in their offensive schemes. Defending the specific cuts and screens that your toughest opponents run throughout your entire season of practices is more effective than only working on those movements the night before you play.

Having the offense run specific sequences helps to make your 3 on 3 drills more gamelike and less like a summer 3 on 3 tournament.

Come up with your own list of what you need to defend for the teams on your schedule and work on defending them with your defensive rules. The following four frames are a place to start.


Flex action: back screen, down screen. Down screen, cross screen. 1 down screens first, then screens for 3.


Princeton Action: Backscreen / flare screen Princeton Action: Flare screen

Rebounding Drills

Here are some rebounding drills that will help your team imporove if your getting hurt on the boards.


Drill starts with 3 defenders in a line under basket, and coach has a ball.

Coach can pass to any player.

Top man in line must find ball and close out under control with 2 high hands.


x2 and x3 must communicate and find other players.

Off ball defenders must be in help, denial, or gap positions.

After the 1st stop, top man goes to back of line, and the team must get 3 stops to get out of the drill.

Drilling the habit for players not taking the basketball to close out to their gap or denial positions (depending on your style of defense) when rotating out of a trap or a help and recover is an essential defensive fundamental skill. It is not a skill that players pick up on their own without developing the habit through repetition in the defensive fundamentals portion of practice.

3 Player Team Rebounding


3 teams of 3.

Rules: every defensive rebound = 1 point, offensive rebound go to defense.

Defense must start with 1 foot in the paint, and each defensive player must touch offense.


Team must secure rebound the ball inbounds.

1st team to get 3 defensive rebounds wins.